The brand, the energy, the price: the guide to choosing the chainsaw

Choosing the energy and power of the chainsaw will affect the purchase price, the cost of servicing it and the possibility of use.
The thermal, electric or battery motor, the power and the length of cut will be the elements to take into account to determine the category of machine and consult the prices of the manufacturers.

Chainsaw Guide: information and prices
Depending on the operation to be carried out, a best chainsaw may be more or less adapted due to its size, its power, and the length of the bar.
The weight of the chainsaw is an important criterion that directly affects its maneuverability and fatigue.
* Heat engines are subject to noise regulations.
Tips: Choose the chainsaw best suited to the most frequent use and do not hesitate to rent the machine more specific for punctual use.
The rental also allows you to try a type of machine before any purchase to see if the machine corresponds to the most common use.
Which Chainsaw brand to choose?

Two leading brands are widely in the lead for the reputation for reliability of their products. Two schools of loggers have long fought for the reputation of machines (alphabetical rankings).
Other famous brands:
And others sold in supermarkets or distributed by importers of domestic appliances …
The interesting options
Manufacturers compete with ingenuity to design equipment facilitating the use of the chainsaw for the individual:
Chain tensioner without tool ,
Assisted starting on a chainsaw
Automatic chain brake on electric chain saw.

Where to buy your chainsaw?
You can go buy your chainsaw from a specialist in motoculture or the specific department of a garden center or even in supermarkets.
Since you seem to enjoy staying at home, a chainsaw purchase in just a few clicks on the Internet is possible, you will be able to compare the prices often more attractive but do not profit from the SAV of proximity.
However, for a first purchase, go to a dealer who will familiarize yourself with the machine and help you get started.
The distributor and the garden center
Dealer of one or more brands of chain saws, it is the specialist able to inform you as best as possible about the characteristics of the machine and to ensure itself after-sales service, maintenance and repairs.
The distributor must put you in a rotating machine and introduce you to its operation, this also at a cost.
The store must have a stock of spare parts or be able to obtain them in 48H. The only restriction, it will try to sell you exclusively the mark that it distributes.

The big surface
Often distribute chainsaws manufactured by an assembler under its own generic brand name. Rustic chassis and basic motorization are presented at the lowest cost.

Failure to enter any machine without the emblem of a recognized manufacturer.

Numerous, very numerous sites of distance selling of chainsaws offering very attractive prices. But very few will ensure the after-sales service near you.

Compare prices but put them in relation to the offer of SAV proposed and take advantage of the prices of the Web to offer you a better brand at the price of a generic brand.

Example: an orange chainsaw in all respects similar to the original marked STHIL in place of STIHL (note the position of the letter H) this machine is necessarily refused entry by any dealer whatever the breakdown!

How to choose the best pressure washers?

pressure washers

pressure washersThe price for a pressure washer is about 30 to 500 pounds. However, you should consider what exactly you want to clean and how often it will need cleaning. In fact, the price of the machine also decides the accessories are going with. For example, car washes brush, lance, passion brush, turbo nozzle other many things. If you just need to clean some simple thing such as bicycles, outdoor furniture, these accessories will become useless, and you wasted lots of money. In that time a small and convenient device may be more suitable. Therefore, this article will give you top 5 products which help you have some basic information about pressure washers. Besides, if you want to get more knowledge, you can read more my blog.

Mac Allister MPW100D: £58, B&Q.

When using Mac Allister MPW100D, you will be not worried about the explained from the neighbors, as it is quite and peaceful than other products. The outstanding of this pressure washer is its flexibility. We can take it around. With a good hose length of 5 meters, it can work well in some place such as decking areas, even in the stubborn weeds, no matter how hard, stubborn weeds, moss or decking grim, they can solve all of them.

Karcher K4 Control Home: £179

The first feature that we should mention when talking about this product is its durability. You can have some great experience with this product. They are a comfortable and effective machine. Some dirt such as patios and decks, blasting weeds, moss, dirt and algae out of cracks and decking grooves, it can solve in a quick way. Besides, they also offer some detergent which strongly supports your job. Moreover, they have a different setting which they can select on the LED display. The housing length of 6 meters is also the big plus for this product.

You need £179 to get Karcher K4 Control Home to home.

RAC Pressure Washer: £135.

Compared to another machine, RAC Pressure Washer are more powerful than its cheaper contemporaries. However, they have a small and comfortable design which is suitable for some simple jobs such as cleaning stone, car, bikes, caravans, sometimes decking, removing all entrenched dirt. There are also some accessories such as brushes, nozzle, soap dispenser and patio cleaner. Besides, with a six-meter hose, they are useful for our jobs.

If you want to get an RAC Pressure Washer, you must spend  £135.

Sovereign Pressure Washer: £45, Argos.

One of its advantage of this product is its weight. They are just 6,5 kg; this number is suitable for you even you are the slim girl. You can clean some small patios, children’s outdoor toys or cars. However, the problem is the length of hose, 3it is about three meters. You struggle with more ingrained dirt.

The price for Sovereign Pressure Washer is about 45 pounds.

Qualcast Pressure Washer: £65, Argos

This is a compact, light and ready machine. If you have many lightweight tasks such as paths, gutters, car or so on, this product is may the best choice. While most of the washer depends on the water being “ pushed” into the machine by the pressure of water; this product is designed to pull and suck water through the pressure washer. In other words, it can draw water from a water tank or butt.

The price for the product ar quite cheap, just 65 pounds,

In conclusion, these are five popular pressure washers in the market. With different type, there are different features. Therefore, you can consider what your need is and choose one out of five product of pressure washers for your house. Hope with this article, you had some basic information and got a successful step in your business.

5 Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing A String Trimmer

You are getting some trouble with dense grass in your back garden and making a decision to purchase a smart device which helps you cut off the plants quickly and conveniently. Just came down and read more at here to find out the best string trimmer for yourself.

In fact, string trimmers are essential and the most suitable device to keep your lawn looking its best. However, not all machines work well as its advertisement as well as not everyone knows how to choose a good one. Therefore, the article below will mention five factors should be noted when selecting a string trimmer.

Types of string trimmer

It is no double that there are many types of this product and the first step is that you should determine which type is the best for you. There are three types of string trimmer that are available in the market including gas-powered string trimmer, corded-electric string trimmer and cordless-electric string trimmer.

Depending on each condition, the user can take full advantage of string trimmer’s ability. If the grass, which needs to be cut, is far from the power source, you should consider the first and the third product instead of a corded-electric string trimmer.

Your money

Most people think that the more expensive the product, the better quality. Notwithstanding, you do not need an expensive or professional string trimmer. For regular jobs, gas trimmers and even some normal electric trimmers can dispense with the weeds just fine.

You should consider whether you could afford to pay much for a trimmer or not. Thus, the second step is to determine the price range that you can spend without any worry. An affordable and full-featured device, which also fit your budget, will be the best choice.

Safety regulations

Equipping yourself with knowledge of labor safety regulations has never been superfluous. The user must learn how to use a string trimmer carefully as well as wear the labor protection whenever working with it to clean the grass.

Because string trimmers can kick up debris so that the safety glasses, gloves, long pants, and boots like your savior from the unexpected injuries. Besides, make sure that you turn off the trimmer before touching or cleaning the machine. And, there are lots of other rules that you should be aware of.

Capacity of string trimmer

The fact that the type of string trimmer is also a factor that affects the capacity of this machine. Typically, gas-powered trimmers are more powerful than others. This device is more effective at tackling substantial weeds, grass and so on. Recently, many companies are also launching new products that have power nearly equal to gas trimmers. One of them is a battery-powered model, but it is just as heavy as and more expensive than the gas-powered one.

For example, cutting soft grass in flat terrain does not require the machine that is a high power, except for the bushes. Therefore, it is better that you determine which type of yard work you need a string trimmer for so that you can choose a string trimmer with suitable capacity.

Try it out

Last but not least, when you are at the store, the final step is to handle a string trimmer to check its balance as well as the features the last time before buying it. You should adjust the front handle for a comfortable reach, and then hold the product in the cutting position with yours both hands. The weight of string trimmer should also be considered for people with health problems, especially back pain.

Moreover, a standard machine will have its weight that should be evenly distributed from top to bottom or slightly heavier at the top. Finally, be sure the controls work smoothly and are easy to reach. It is necessary because you can handle the trimmer timely if having any incident.

In short, we should consider carefully before choosing to buy any item in the market to achieve the highest efficiency as well as ensure safety and health. Along with five factors above, we hope you can learn some useful information to get the best product of string trimmer and do your work effectively with it.