What is the best blender for smoothies

Blender is considered to be perfect not only help you with the delicious drink full of nutrients to the body’s health and beauty, but also professional assistant to help you save time cooking effectively, co-create good food, help your children food smooth puree suit. Must such requests be too high?

That request was entirely be met with a series of remote machines from a simple vitamin to modern integrated many functions. Can identify an objective, blender today not only ensure food minced function but also utensils not hospitable to each family for processing so the extensive menu, as well as an ornament for your kitchen more room luxury, comfort, and class.

What is the best blender for smoothies?

A blender is a machine equipped with the windmill small knife, sharp and healthy food and container while operating the machine can make minced food required by the user. In the modern kitchen, the blender is an indispensable device for housewives can process the drink: smoothies, tea bag stones, fruit juices, but also help them weather the food processing the most space-saving time.

The use of a blender

Blender will be used and how the star depends very much on its composition. However, technological development, with the versatile mill products it has been found that this product can perform the following functions:

With the blender common: common Application is made smoothies, meat grinder, grind vegetables (pennywort filter pulp mill or blender to make vegetable dishes), pepper, beans, grindstone …

With the versatile blender, there are some features the following: fruit juice, no water blender, grind hard fruits, grind without chopped vegetables, soy milk, finely mixed, grinding, juice extractor, stone cells.

May find, in general, the use of a blender is quite diverse and rich, it is a proof of this is its role in reducing the burden and save time for the modern housewife.

Guide to buying a Blender

The purchase of a blender is never a simple task for those who buy the machine for the first time, precisely because of this, please tell small category you read some experience buying this product to ensure cheaper criteria – reliability

Beauty as follows:

Buy the machine based on the purpose and the need to use: If you do not have much need to use, simply buy porridge for the machine to grind, grind, the crabs should buy a machine with simple functionality, less money will be a consistent box. As for the housewife, has extensive experience cooking and preparation should choose various machine functions perfectly to meet your needs.

What should you buy a blender

Should choose what kind of machine is designed large capacity, with large capacity helps secure machine negligent fire risk short, overload. Buy a machine with a glass container, the food is tastier but durable plastic. If your family does not have young children, you should choose glass jar. Should choose those with stuffed button to help operate smoothly with respite. Select the type of machine has a simple design, easy to remove the cover to clean toilet and most easily.

Capacity of blender

Choices capacity blender how much is reasonable? We are less concerned about this issue when choosing a blender. The fact that families use only the power was not so important because the manufacturer has designed reasonable capacity. More specifically, high capacity will help faster grinder, grind each time more and usually grinding harder foods. The normal capacity of the blender is 200-300w, and high power class is 500-600W.

Noise level

Blender is sure to emit noise, however, at present the majority of the mill are self-clinging substrate surface, helping to make sure the machine, significantly reducing noise. The noise of the blender depending on the type of food mill, blender type of glass or plastic. Type blender noise at most kinds of cheap, design uncertainty, plastic blender jar.


Buy blender is the most difficult challenge to ensure that no shortage, ie, product selection and its full functionality can exploit the features of the machine, if too many features that are not fully exploited to cause waste Free, but when the little feature that will cause inconvenience.

To do this, keep in mind some experience on the article, make sure that will help you select the most suitable grinding machine to the needs of you and your family.

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